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Media Reacts to Palin’s “Telepalmter” Gaffe

February 8, 2010

Well call it what you will: “Palin’s Handprompter”…”Telepalmter”….or even “Handgate”, the news that former Gov. Sarah Palin used crib notes to discuss her policy beliefs at the recent Tea Party Convention is buzzing through mainstream news outlets.

The “Handgate” story has nearly 7,000 comments on the Huffington Post and, at last count, was discussed by CNN’s Don Lemon, MSNBC’s  David Shuster, Contessa Brewer and Andrea Mitchell.

Don Lemon discusses Palin’s crib notes on CNN:

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  1. rainwater permalink
    February 8, 2010 3:58 pm

    I was following your tweets that night, you all did a good job.

    This is an excellent blog regarding Palins…behaviors.…g-to-the-hand/1
    Palin supporters, meanwhile, point out that the former Alaska governor responded to “Palm-gate” in an appearance Sunday for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
    This time, she wrote on her hand: “Hi, Mom!”…ster-bosom.html
    …manipulative techniques we see Sarah do in public are using sexual flirtation and affinity cons. An affinity con is when you make a connection with people because you pretend to be just like them, sharing the same values, beliefs, and experiences. “I’m a hockey mom just like you!” “Someone called me a red neck and I said thank you!” Although we can guarantee that sexual flirtation was part of her interaction with McCain, in his defence when explaining his choice, he said that Sarah reminded him of his younger self.

    * She believes that, by being brazen, she can manoeuvre and lie her way out of any difficult situation. ….

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